Saturday, August 24, 2019

  • The biggest highlight of the week was the start of the school year and all the adjustment that comes with it. Smarty is excited about the year but she is not exactly enjoying getting up early or having a lot of homework right "out of the gate".
  • We drove to San Francisco on Tuesday for Smarty's scholarship interview. We have no idea what happens with that but she is grateful for a unique opportunity to come back as a finalist for the second year. We used this rare trip to the city to visit the Cable Car Museum. 
  • Smarty is excited to be able to do the choir this year. The choir is really small (only 8 kids), so everyone will get to do solos during performances. She chose her first song to be Dream a Little Dream of Me and she is practicing it diligently. 
  • So far Smarty's least favorite subject is US History. It is to be expected as it is a lot of note-taking and memorization, and she does not have any personal interest in historic details. She is a science girl through and through. For her first "informative speech" in a speech and debate class, she chose a topic on workings of DNA :)
  • My husband and I went to a party hosted by a GM of my business unit. It was quite interesting to chat with my coworkers on "free form" topics, eat some good Indian food (our GM was born and educated in India) and drink local wine. My husband enjoyed finally meeting the people he hears so much about in our evening conversations.
  • Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. This week, Smarty was mostly re-reading her favorite books to relax after school. In school, they started their British literature class with The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. They mostly read them online where each line in medieval English is translated into modern English. Incidentally, I also read a book by a British author Michael Robotham - an entertaining modern detective novel The Other Wife. Obviously, it's not Chaucer but good when one wants a page-turner before bed.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Joyful Learner said...

History is far more interesting if it's not taught through rote memorization much like everything else. Fortunately for K, her first history teacher was Ben from Online G3 where they examined primary and secondary sources to analyze what really happened. Critical thinking is what needs to be taught in history.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Chaucer is very advanced for high school - ought to be interesting. Too bad about the history, that class can come alive with the right approach, or bore a person to sleep with the wrong one. My college crowd start classes tomorrow, so lots of syllabi printing and bookbag arranging happening here tonight :)

Ticia said...

Chaucer is... interesting.

History is so dependent on who you have for a teacher. It's a shame her teacher seems to think history is made up of memorization.