Thursday, May 9, 2019

Perhaps I was worried too early about Smarty running out of classes in her school. We got an email with the course catalog for the next year, and there are all kinds of options there - every AP class imaginable, some offered as an online class, some are in-school class. This was followed by a "students' interest survey" where incoming 9th graders were asked to state their first choice/second choice in every one of A-G categories. Smarty did not bother to consult with us - she has strong preferences in what she wants. So here are her desires for the next year:
English - first choice - creative writing, second choice - British literature. I think the 9th grade English in their school is American literature, so we'll see what she will get.
Math - AP Calculus AB (in class) or AP Statistics (online). I expect that she will get Calculus, especially because she was told that she can finish her Pre-Calculus online class over the summer and because there were several students in Precalculus onsite class this year.
Science - Chemistry and AP Biology - she desperately wants to take both, but this will not leave time for electives unless she takes an elective class online.
Social Studies - she only takes these classes because they are required and has no interest in AP options even though they are technically available. So it will be most likely a standard US History class.
Foreign Language - Smarty put online German as her second option, but she is making very clear to her Spanish teacher that she wants to continue to take Spanish and take it all the way to AP Spanish in 11th grade.
Performing and Visual Arts - Smarty's first choice here is drama, second choice is digital photography. 
Electives -  I don't see how Smarty has any time for those in her schedule, but she put in Intro to Marketing (online class) as her choice.
PE - Smarty plans to continue to do an "independent study" in PE by attending her taekwondo classes at least 3 times a week.
I am very interested to see what Smarty will really get vs. what she wants. Her school is tiny, which is both good and bad. It's good, because they really try to offer every student a personalized set of classes, but it's also not so good, because interests are diverse and they might not overlap in the areas of science and performing arts. We will only know for sure in August when Smarty turns up for her orientation. I hope she won't be terribly disappointed if AP Bio is not an option, because this is one class that she is dying to take.

Your Turn

Is there a subject your kids are really interested in?


Joyful Learner said...

Every private school K has toured, she asked if they offered creative writing. Many do not. It seems like A’s school tries very hard to accommodate students’ interests. But in the end, majority rules in terms of student interests. Our district sent out a survey on what we like to see improved and I was surprised how many wrote “gifted classes”.

Ticia said...

Those are some fascinating class choices, and at the same time that is going to be a super hard schedule if she gets both of those science classes.

We'll see what happens with the kids for their class choices as the years go on. Right now I'm not giving them a choice for science, but that may change.

MaryAnne said...

AP Bio was not offered at my high school; I bought the Barron's Guide, went through that, and did great on the test. So all is not lost if Smarty doesn't get that option...