Monday, May 13, 2019

I came home yesterday afternoon and still had time to enjoy some of Mother's Day. My husband and my daughter spoiled me with presents - my husband gave me a gift certificate to my favorite spa spot, and Smarty presented me with a painting she did in her art class. We all also enjoyed sourdough waffles for lunch made with Mary, our sourdough starter that Smarty diligently maintains.
Smarty reported that she had "an awesome week" with her father. It's funny that he often "blames" me for entertaining Smarty too much while he was the one engaging her in all kinds of joint activities while I was gone. I feel very blessed that my husband is such a hands-on father and that he and Smarty are very close.
While I enjoyed my week in Beijing, there is something to be said about settling back to familiar rhythms of daily life and enjoying all the extra love that Smarty is pouring on me. She also appears to be more aware of things that need to be done around the house and attentive to details, so maybe I should travel more often :) On the other hand, nah, I just need to nag her just as much as my husband does when it comes to keeping up the house. It's great to be back!

Your Turn

Did you enjoy Mother's Day?


Ticia said...

I did enjoy Mother's Day. And you're right, it really is amazing how wonderful coming home is after traveling.

MaryAnne said...

Welcome back! I had a nice Mother's Day - Mike did all the cooking :)