Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We all enjoyed our spring break very much and nobody was ready to go back to work and school. Alas, it's over and now we can just look at the pictures and enjoy memories of this trip. Here are some highlights:
  • The weather was awesome and we did not get rained on during our shore trips.

  • The ship Norwegian Getaway was giant (4,500 guests!), but we could get to all the entertainment and shore excursions that we wanted to get.
  • The sea was relatively calm. Smarty still wanted Dramamine for sea sickness, but we never really felt seasick, even on a long ferry ride in Mexico from Cozumel to mainland and back.
  • Smarty made a new friend - a very talkative and friendly boy from Michigan.
  • We all got to taste fresh cocoa seeds in Belize- a very new and unexpected experience.

  • We went kayaking and snorkeling in Honduras, and Smarty could keep up with adults just fine.
  • We could go out in the evening on the ship, and Smarty was able to put herself to sleep all on her own - this is something new for her.
  • We saw sea turtles and eels while snorkeling.

  • We visited Chichen Itza on our last shore excursion in Cozumel. Granted, it was 7 hours of transit, and one hour on site, but our guide was good, and it was amazing to see this famous landmark with our own eyes.
  • Smarty really enjoyed water slides and rope course on the ship. She was so-so on children program and was disappointed that she could not get into a teen program that had a strict cutoff at 13. Next time she won't have that problem anymore :)
Looking back at all the pictures we took made me appreciate one more time how lucky we are to be able to afford a trip like this and offer this experience to Smarty at such a young age. The good news is that seeing the world first hand gives her more appreciation of its diversity and its fragility than many hours in the classroom. I hope we will be able to travel more as a family and share the wonders of the world with her before she strikes out on her own.

Your Turn

Did your kids have a spring break? What did you do?


Joyful Learner said...

The photo of the sea turtle is mesmerizing! What a wonderful trip!

MaryAnne said...

The sea turtle really does look amazing! I would love to go on a cruise someday. I was at a conference during spring break. The kids stayed home with Mike and spent a lot of time playing with the neighbors.

Ticia said...

That sea turtle is amazing! I love sea turtles.

I'm super jealous of your trip. We had an unofficial spring break with a trip to Galveston, but I was out of town for large amounts of March, so the kids had a somewhat calmer March.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

That was an awesome spring break!