Saturday, March 9, 2019


It was an intense and exhausting week for Smarty when the stress of wrapping up four projects got to her. There was crying and despair over a somewhat missed deadline (the soft copy was delivered on time, but she forgot to print out her report), there was last minute work and stress level for everyone was elevated. Fortunately, it's all behind Smarty now, and she actually has a reasonably small amount of homework for this weekend. We plan to take it easy this weekend to give her a chance to catch her breath and relax. 

After School

Despite all the busyness of life, we went for walks on non-rainy days, and Smarty did not miss her taekwondo classes. Also, her sailing lessons restarted this week. She got lucky - it did not rain, and they did not capsize (the other team did). In fact, she really enjoyed this sailing class and is looking forward to learn more over the next 3 months. Perhaps next year she might want to continue with it after all.

Places We Are Going

Last weekend, we drove just about 200 miles east from home and suddenly we were in winter wonderland. Moreover, Smarty could finally fulfill her wish to see falling snow - she saw more than enough of it during her first skiing lesson. It was cool to share another "first" with her. 

What We Are Reading

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Smarty read a lot this week - she tends to "hide" in books when she is stressed. Most of her books were "re-reads", but she also read Much Ado about Nothing for school and Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky for pleasure. She quite enjoyed Children of Time, so I might add it to my own reading list. In the meantime, I finished The Violinist's Thumb by Sam Kean (it really exploded my understanding of genetics) and started on my next non-fiction book, Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Skiing in falling snow was definitely memorable and a lot of fun for Smarty despite soaking clothes and freezing hands. She wants to go again!

Your Turn

How was your week?


MaryAnne said...

I am adding The Violinist's thumb to my reading list. My son has naturally tan skin (runs in my family, although I am not tan looking) and people comment on his "dark skin" all the time.

I am curious to hear what you think of the Sparks book.

I highly recommend "My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry" for both you and Smarty to read.

Ticia said...

Nicholas Sparks has non-fiction books? Who knew?

We're going through a similar stress meltdown here with Princess because she's freaking out over a due date I gave her.