Friday, March 8, 2019

Last weekend, we have finally given Smarty one of her Christmas 2017 gifts. We planned to take her skiing last winter, but it was a dry year without much snow. The Sierra mountains have an opposite problem this year - with record snowfalls and a snow pack of almost double of the norm, so we finally booked the hotel at one of the closest skiing destination to Silicon Valley.
The total driving distance to the resort is about 3 hours, but, of course, getting out of Silicon Valley on Friday afternoon is a nightmare and it took us about 4.5 hours to get there. Still, Smarty immediately liked the room, with its soft throw blankets and a gas fireplace. My husband and I did not sleep well because of all the noises the fireplace (that also served as a main heater) was making overnight, but Smarty slept like a baby and got up bright and early ready for her skiing school adventure.
We were worried about how she will do - it was pouring rain on the level of our lodge, but, fortunately, the rain changed to thick wet snow 500 feet higher, at the base of the skiing mountain. It actually looked absolutely magical, and Smarty, who had never experienced falling snow before, was beyond herself with joy.
We chose not to ski during this trip - the weather really did not bode well for good skiing, especially since both of us did not ski since before Smarty was born. We dropped Smarty at the skiing school and returned to the hotel to enjoy a nice relaxed day of reading and watching movies in our room.
We came for pick up early enough to still catch Smarty "in action". She started from never being on skis in her life and learned to slide, stop, and turn. In the end of 6-hour class she could go down "green slope" on her own. She was also soaking wet, cold, and ecstatic. I guess if she could enjoy skiing in wet snow and rain, we do have a skier on our hands. She begged to come back for more skiing as soon as we can. I doubt that we will make another trip this year, but we are already talking about the plan for the next winter when we all might want to get on the slopes more often.

Your Turn

Are there winter sports and snow where you live?


Min Erva said...

We used to go skiing before my bad knee. I would love to go again soon but probably not this year. Looks like Smarty had a great time! K loves skiing too but she was much younger when we took her.

MaryAnne said...

No snow here as you know! I have actually never been skiing. It would be fun to take my kids someday.

Ticia said...

Nope, my kids are desperate to go see snow, and have been for years. Someday, we'll try it.