Tuesday, March 5, 2019

February “Firsts”

Two things stand out in my memory as “firsts” – our trip to see elephant seals at Ano Nuevo, not the first time for me, but the first time for the rest of the family. We all enjoyed the trip despite getting rained on for some of the tour. Speaking of rain, we had massive amounts of it in February – great for our plants but wreaking havoc on our goals of hiking more on weekends.
Smarty also had her first Presidents’ Week break in her new school. It was at the same time as for most other schools in our area, so she got to hang out with her best friend and go on a trip to Lands’ End park in San Francisco. They also went to a “Cat’s CafĂ©” where visitors can hang out with cats available for adoption. Alas, Smarty’s Dad still does not want a cat.


Smarty’s second term is quite intense, with a lot of group projects, but she was able to keep up so far and maintain her A average in every subject. She was happy to finish Algebra 2 in February with an “A”, and she is set to start Pre-Calculus online in March. She also qualified for Science and History National Bee Regionals, and she will participate in this competition in March.

After School

Smarty continues to enjoy her Saturday art class even though she was disappointed with the outcome of her monochromatic project that she was working on at least for a month. She also continues to enjoy taekwondo. She had tested for her “red recommended” belt in February and is still likely to be able to test for her black belt in June. She and her Dad did a lot of bread baking in February, and now we can say that we have a couple of recipes that can be baked when we have company. And, of course, we all read a lot of good books this month – both fiction and non-fiction. I am happy that we all enjoy reading and can discuss books with each other.

Plans for March

March promises to be a busy time for me at work and for Smarty in school. The word for this month is focus and make sure we stay on top of many commitments while still having time to enjoy friends and family time. At least we can all look forward to a spring break in April when we plan to reward ourselves with a trip to Mexico.

Your Turn

What are your March plans?


Ticia said...

As you can see by my only just now getting to comment on something you posted weeks ago, March is super busy. I'm about to leave for my fourth trip this month.
It really is fun to discuss with your kids what they're reading. We're listening through the original classic Robin Hood, and it's really interesting.