Saturday, February 16, 2019


Smarty looks happy in this picture - she is eagerly anticipating her Presidents' Week break. The first 4 weeks of this term were quite demanding, and she is happy to catch a break. She still has two projects to work on during the break - both projects involve teaching a class for a week. In her life science class her week is Protists and Fungi, and in her marine biology class she will be teaching about Marine Invertebrates. Luckily, it's not the same week, otherwise it would be very challenging for her, since it's not just developing content, but also preparing labs and quizzes. She is quite excited about these projects and happy with her partners, so I hope it will go well for her. She brought some protists home to incubate for the labs over her break, and informed me that they are going to do squid dissection for marine biology lab (her teacher promised to procure squid for that).

After School

We got a lot of rain this week. Our rain meter shows more than 13" since January 1st, and it looks like this winter might be even rainier than 2017. At least it's just rain and wind, and not snow like in Seattle. That said, our time outside was limited, and Smarty spent a lot of time reading.

What We Are Reading

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Things look so differently now in comparison to when Smarty was little. I still pick many books for the family by browsing Kindle Daily Deals every morning. We buy Kindle books the same way other people buy their morning coffee, only our books actually stay with us. I put books that look appropriate for Smarty on her Kindle, and she usually reads through them at a rate of about one book a day (or more). My own rate is more like one book a week, and that's when I purposefully set aside time for reading, so I rely more and more on Smarty's recommendations. Currently, I am reading The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons and I enjoy it a lot. Last weekend, I saw the whole series of books on Kindle - The Lyra series by Patricia C. Wrede. It has five books (that were bundled up together and cost just $2.99) with different characters but set in the same world. Smarty raced through all of them this week and told me that the best books are #1 and #5, so I think I will read #5 as my next fiction book next week.
In addition, Smarty read through the first book in Kiera Cass' The Selection series. Apparently, it's kind of like a Bachelor set in the dystopian future. She told me that she enjoyed this book "even though it's mostly romance.", so now she is going to get through more books in this series. Finally, she is also reading Macbeth for school, since her English teacher decided to spend more time on Shakespeare. It must be nice to have to follow a curriculum and just go with the flow :)

Fun Memory of the Week

Me: Are you sad that your school did not celebrate Valentine's Day?
Smarty: Why would I be sad? V Day is just awkward in the middle school. Besides, the only people I love are my family.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

Everyone was sick here this week.

I picked up the second book in the Trials of Apollo series from the library, and I'm just hating it. Apollo is so whiny. I'm reminded why I didn't bother getting the other books in the series. I guess it's just as well my kids aren't super excited to try any more in the Greek mythology series, they finished off the first and then plowed into finishing the Kane Chronicles. They're really hoping for more of the Kane Chronicles.

I've got a few Patricia Wrede books, but not a lot. You should try her on Dianna Wynne Jones books. Most will be super quick for her, but the Darklord of Derkholme and some of her longer books should intrigue her (Hexwood, and there was another I'm not remembering in my tired/sick brain).

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I wouldn't mind putting my books away in favor of more outdoor time, but it's going to have to thaw some first :)

The squid dissection sounds interesting. We stuck with virtual dissections here. I can't stand the smell of formaldehyde. But, I'm sure the real thing would be far more informative.

I'm still curious to hear if Smarty finishes the entire Selection series. The first book is definitely the most engaging of the five. They're an easy read in comparison to Macbeth though - so maybe.