Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Yesterday, Smarty headed back to school from her Presidents' week break. To be honest, she did not want her vacation to end. For once, she loves sleeping in. She was waking up at 9:30 am or later and then read for an hour or so before coming down for breakfast. Secondly, she is jumping back with many projects due this week or next week. She did work on some of them during the break but she was procrastinating a lot and did not make as much progress as she hoped. So, naturally, she was in a bit of panic on the night before school and could not settle down and fall asleep until it was almost midnight.
Yet, Smarty enjoyed her first day back. She is a kid who thrives on structure, and she seemed happy to see her friends again. She was pretty satisfied with how her first day of teaching a class went - she is teaching middle school life science this week, and her topic is protists. When she came home, she doubled down on her slides for the next week when she will teach her high school marine biology class about invertebrates. She needs to finish this presentation and also her geography country report on Argentina before this weekend, because we are going skiing and she won't have any time to work on all that then. She will probably have to ask for extension on her Media studies "intellectual montage" project, because she won't have time to film and edit her montage before next Monday. In other words, life is busy, but Smarty is trying to stay on top of her school work and remember that her life will get easier in two weeks when she is done with her teaching classes and will be in the audience listening to other students teach their topics.
Sometimes I wish Smarty was still in her "fun" school enjoying more free time. However, so far I found most of her homework meaningful (except maybe those geography papers). I do worry about the next year when she wants to take two AP classes as a freshman. From what I heard about AP classes, they come with a load of homework, but, on the other hand, one of our motivations for selecting a private school was our concern that she was getting good grades just "for showing up" and we wanted her to learn to apply sustained effort towards her goal of getting good grades. I guess we cannot have it both ways and, again, Smarty does respond well to raised expectations. So here we are, back to the routine of early mornings and afternoon homework time, already looking forward to the next school break :)

Your Turn

Do your kids have homework and how much time do they spend on their homework every night?


Ticia said...

It really depends for AP classes, but it's been a few years since I was in AP classes. Talking to my brother who used to mentor high schoolers, the expectations for AP classes now is insane.