Friday, January 18, 2019


The second term has started ticking off its days. Smarty did not have much homework this week... until Thursday night when she suddenly woke up to the fact that the first part of her geography report is due tomorrow. She had to spend 3 hours researching and writing, and I had to point out to her the benefit of getting ahead on her homework rather than procrastinating with it. Other than that, she seems on top of her workload and productively busy.

After School

It was a dark, gloomy, and very rainy week. We got more than 3 inches of rain, and 2 of them fell on Wednesday when a proper winter storm hit and brought strong winds and a power outage that lasted for several hours. We all got a bit antsy inside and felt tired and cranky. At least Smarty got some of her wiggles out in her taekwondo classes. She did not want to go this week but was visibly more relaxed and cheerful after them. She also spent a lot of time reading and watching biology videos on her laptop.

What We Are Reading

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MaryAnne K. said...

That was quite the storm! There were a number of trees down in our area, including one blocking a lane of traffic when I was driving my son home from choir.

Ticia said...

I've certainly had a time or two where I suddenly realized the report was due the next day.