Saturday, December 1, 2018

It was quite an eventful week - a week my husband got his angioplasty done and received three stents, a week my parents came to visit, a week of rainy days, and a week Smarty received her next level taekwondo belt.


Smarty is pretty busy in school right now - several of her classes have fairly big projects due. On Monday, there was quite a bit of crying when Smarty suddenly felt very overwhelmed with the amount of homework. Once she calmed down and checked deadlines, it turned out that situation was not quite as dire as she originally thought, but it brought a discussion about the need to really plan her time better. So now she is trying a dot journal to see if she can get into a habit to plan her work ahead of time.

After School

We had several days of really strong rains this week, which made our time outside rare and precious. After school activities continued as usual with Smarty easily passing her belt testing - she is now a red belt recommended, yet another step closer to receiving her black belt in June. 

What My Child Is Reading

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I admit that I have no idea what Smarty was reading this week outside of random comic books and Hamlet. It is quite funny to hear her randomly launching into Hamlet monologues that she memorized just for fun. I quickly read through Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide last week and moved on to my next non-fiction read, Need to Know by Karen Cleveland.

Favorite Memory of the Week

It's split between having my husband back home and seeing my parents :)

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

There are some great monologues in Hamlet, so not at all surprised she's memorizing them.
We've had some meltdowns this week too as Princess is struggling with time and things like that.