Monday, December 31, 2018

The year is almost behind us, and it's good to look back at the major events for our family.

March 2018

 In March, Smarty took her SAT test and earned an impressive score of 1510. This clinched our decision to move her to a more challenging private school for her 8th grade.

May 2018

In May, Smarty was selected as a finalist of a prestigious merit-based scholarship - Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship. She did not win it, but it was a positive experience for her.

June 2018

In June, Smarty finished 7th grade, and we flew to New Jersey for my Mom's 70th anniversary. It was a lot of fun to surprise her, and Smarty enjoyed spending a few days with her grandparents.

August 2018

In early August, we went on a cruise with my parents on the Baltic sea. We visited Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Russia on our way. Then we came back, and Smarty started 8th grade at her new school.

September 2018

In late September, our best friends and us threw a big party to celebrate our "200th birthday" - both my husband and I turned 50 this year, and they turned 100 together as well. It was great to have this day of good food, talking to friends, and dancing - strictly for adults :)

October 2018

In October, Smarty turned 12. She enjoyed her birthday and the party that she mostly organized by herself by inviting her closest friends to Escape the Room with her.

December 2018

... And just like that, the year is over - a year of evening walks, cuddles before bed, working, playing, putting food on the table, seeing friends and family. We hope the next year will be just as good as this year and we are wishing everyone a very happy 2019!

Your Turn

What were some of your milestones of 2018?


MaryAnne said...

You have had quite the year!

Ticia said...

You really had a great year!
A 200th birthday party is such a fun idea!