Friday, November 16, 2018

Today, I am grateful for my house. When I look at this photo, I hear the song House by Elton John playing in my head. It's going to be 10 years in December since we bought this place - a scary move in what seemed to be an overheated market. House prices did fall somewhat for 2 years, only to jump again to new heights, so, after all, it was a good decision.
It took us a year to find our home but we knew that this was "the one" when we walked into it. It is not a "representative house" and it does not have spacious rooms and a lot of space inside for entertaining guests, but it has what we were looking for - 4 bedrooms, which gives us a guest bedroom (also known as game room) an office that all three of us currently share, a dining room/family room, and a living room.
Over years we invested into a few improvements - replacing old water lines and an air conditioner, putting in a new siding and external paint, moving our heater from the first floor to the attic, and finally building a deck and installing new pavers last year. I love knowing that all that we do to this house we do for ourselves and not for someone else - a big difference of owning a house and renting one.
Thinking of our house makes my heart ache for those thousands of people who were displaced by California fires last week. In comparison, our problems with air quality seem minor and fleeting. I am not really that attached to physical things, but some of them represent special memories, such as paintings and decorations that we bought on our trips. I cannot imagine losing our home - every time I curl up in my warm bed under a solid roof in a dry and cozy house I feel immensely grateful.

Your Turn

How long have you been living in your home?


MaryAnne K. said...

We have been in our current house for nearly a year. It isn't entirely ours - we have a 51 year lease with limitations on what we can do to it - but it's a nice house and we are so grateful to be out of condo living!

Kacey said...

I love our house. We purchased it 16 years ago as newlyweds. It is just a regular 3 bedroom/ 2 bath house, 2500 square feet, and our yard is 1 and a half acres. The yard is nice and it is plenty of space for the three of us. We have tons of good memories here, which I love.

Ticia said...

We've been in our current home about 14 years, we moved in when I was pregnant with the boys.

Following the fires out there are rather scary. I'm glad you're far away from it, and it's only messing with your air quality.