Thursday, November 1, 2018

Today, on the warm and sunny first day of November, I am grateful for California fall. My husband used to joke that we don't really get fall here, but it was before we moved to a neighborhood that has a lot of trees that change their foliage in fall. Granted, it happens later than on the East Coast or in Germany, but it does happen. Our Indian summer comes in November when the trees change color and the mornings are cool and often cloudy. But by 10 am or so the sun burns through the marine layer and gives us several hours of warm sunshine and an ability to shed our layers and have lunch outside or go for a walk. I am afraid I got spoiled by California weather and would have problems adjusting to the "real world" of gloomy fall days.
All that said, I am starting to look forward to rainy days. Several years of drought taught us to worry when Octobers don't bring any rain. I hope we are not going to have another winter without much rain. I also hope that rains will come on weekends when we can sleep in, stay inside playing board games, and light a fireplace without checking whether we have a "Spare the Air day". Yes, I certainly hope for some rain in November, but I also hope that it will stay warm and sunny for another 2-3 weeks to give our winter crop of salad and kale a chance to actually grow enough to become a meal :)

Your Turn

What are you grateful for today?


Ticia said...

Oh man, I remember those sticker burr things on the tree picture. We used them as ammunition to throw at each other.

I am thankful for comfy blankets right now as I sit here wrapped up.

For whatever reason, I had no posts from you, and then suddenly I had 20 show up in my feed reader, so I'm going through and commenting slowly but surely today.