Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Today, I am thankful for Internet. This is really a science fiction of my childhood that was brought to life during my generation. I still remember distinctly my first personal computer, my first modem, and logging into America Online to send emails to my friends back home, those lucky ones who were working in high-tech (for the year 1993) companies and also had email addresses.
Internet made the world so much smaller. Yes, it has its dark sides, but its ability to connect people, to give us information whenever we want it, to teach and to entertain is astounding. The real challenge lies in using the best of it and not succumbing to addiction of mindless browsing, gaming, YouTube watching, or worse.
I am grateful for variety of amazing free resources available to anyone who want to be a more educated person or a more engaged citizen. I believe equity of access to Internet is a true equity issue, because one can truly learn anything (well, maybe not brain surgery) online nowadays. I admit that I am often taking it for granted that my daughter can learn math online, that she can play Minecraft with her friends, that I can connect through my blog to people all over the world. Then I think again how amazing this power is and I feel thankful.

Your Turn

How do you spend your time online?


MaryAnne K. said...

The internet is amazing! I use it for keeping in touch with family and friends, blogging, researching, learning, and shopping.

Ticia said...

Much like you, I use the internet in so many ways. It really is amazing to see how the internet has changed in our lifetimes.