Sunday, November 4, 2018

Today, I am grateful for our library. For 10 years now it served as a source of joy and knowledge for all of us. Our library is fairly new and has a large section for children. It's kind of bittersweet to see how Smarty drifted over years from picture books section to early readers, then to chapter books. Now she still picks a lot of books from children's section every time we visit, but she also checks out adults' non-fiction and a special teen room even though technically she is still a year too young for it.
Our library has seen some hard times when it was open only 4 days a week due to budget crisis. It's nice that we are over that, and it's back again to being open 6 days a week. It also hosts a lot of events for kids, teens, and adults. That's where Smarty was first introduced to clever parrots riding bikes and to all kinds of snakes. She went to book signing events and craft events. Now she is approaching the age when she can volunteer at the library, and I hope that she takes advantage of teen volunteering and teen learning programs available even though most of them are tech programs and she is not that interested in tech.
I am also very grateful that our library system has a Link Plus program that allows us to get books from hundreds of California libraries at no charge and an electronic books lending. Kindle lending allows Smarty to get fresh books even when she is on vacation in Germany. I have to admit that the whole interface for electronic lending could be much improved. However, being able to get a new book late at night or far away from home is priceless.
The latest innovation that I am quite grateful for is the move to eliminate late fees for children and teen books. We are trying to be good citizens when it comes to borrowing books, but sometimes life interferes and we cannot make it back in time. Over years we paid hundreds of dollars in late fees, and it's good not to worry about this. I think "no fees for kids" rule makes our library system more accessible to people with unpredictable schedules and, most importantly, to their children.

Your Turn

How far do you have to go to access library services? Is it a big library or a small one?


Ticia said...

We have a pretty impressive library for our town, and I love it. It usually gets us a cool assortment of books on most topics I can look up.