Friday, November 30, 2018

We had a busy and eventful November. Thanksgiving holiday with friends was fantastic, but we missed our favorite people - my parents and our best friend who relocated back to his native North Carolina this fall. At least my parents are visiting us now, so we can celebrate my birthday and beginning of Hanukkah together. Smarty is healthy and continues to do well in school, my job is doing well (our stock is finally back up again), and we are all eagerly looking forward to holiday season.
In less pleasant news, my husband started this month apparently free of medical issues and ended it with three stents in his damaged arteries. He still needs to go back in December for another angioplasty to get a stent inserted in another artery. However, it means that he avoided an invasive surgery or, worse, a heart attack. This is a lot to be grateful for, and I am hoping that by mid December he will be enjoying his holidays without worrying about his health.
The word for December is enjoy. We really want to relax and savor our holiday month, which means wrapping up Christmas shopping as early as possible and planning our time off. I am hoping to enjoy time with my parents and my upcoming birthday, and we plan to see a lot of our friends this month. Smarty can't wait for her well earned holiday break to start - she wants to enjoy her books, her board games, and her friends. Our goal also includes doing some preparation for the next year ahead of us, so we can enter it relaxed and refreshed.

Your Turn

What plans do you have for December?


MaryAnne K. said...

Congrats on your stock going back up!

Enjoy is my December goal as well :D

Ticia said...

My goal is to say no to as many things as possible.....I'm not doing so good at that, but I'm trying.