Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Today I am grateful for having choices. Yes, American democracy with its two-party system and its electoral college is not perfect. However, it's way better than what I grew up with in the former Soviet Union. I never miss a chance to participate in an election, and I am convinced that understanding local issues and voting in local elections is even more crucial to our day-to-day life than electing a President once every 4 years.
I am grateful for our political debates at the dinner table when we discuss various local and national issues. This year Smarty has Media Studies subject where they were spending the last month or so on the topics of election coverage, campaigning, and even organizing mock voting. Smarty is now following news closely and has plenty of opinions - for now at least they align pretty well with our views (but it can change, just ask my parents :))
California has a lot of important propositions on the ballot this election cycle. One of them is about local rent control, and I surely hope that it passes. I don't want to live in the place where families are forced out of their apartments because of ever rising rents, where young working adults have to share a house between 5-6 people, and where the traffic is getting worse every day, since so many people live outside of the Valley and commute many miles to work. But... I voted down all "give us more money" measures except water quality bond, because we keep voting for more parcel taxes, more bonds, and more sales tax every year and see absolutely no results. It feels that every time we pour money in through a local measure, it goes right back out to Sacramento through some sort of redistribution. My vote is my choice, and I am grateful for being able to make it.

Your Turn

Are you voting in your local elections?


Kacey said...

I always vote but we are in Georgia. So we have one of the most hotly contested gubernatorial races in the country. There are law suits and accusations of voter suppression, so it is likely we will not know who actually won some of our elections for a few days to a week.

Ticia said...

I voted this year, and generally vote every election. I'm with you that voting in local elections has a much bigger impact than most people realize. This is also frustrating because it can be hard to find good information about the local elections.