Monday, November 19, 2018

Today, I am thankful for peace of mind. I enjoy the state of being without having excessive worry about the future or guilt about the past.
Unlike my husband, I don't tend to ruminate about embarrassing or unpleasant moments of the past. However, I am somewhat of a worrier when it comes to the future. I am thankful that at the moment I am sort of at peace, because the things that I can control are under control. Both my husband and I have good and financially rewarding jobs. We all have health insurance and a health savings account, which allows us not to weigh whether we should go to the doctor or not if the need arises. Our daughter seems happy and well adjusted in her current school, and it does not seem like we have to struggle with school choices this year. Our financial choices gave us a cushion not to worry much about being laid off (at least for a short period of time), about taking care of unexpected repairs, about being able to afford Smarty's school, or even about buying a new car which we will probably need to do next year. Our marriage is strong, and our family is happy.
It does not mean that I have no concerns about the future. There is a matter of our aging parents, of Smarty potentially going away to college at 16, of potential health issues popping up as we are crossing 50-years boundary. There is gun violence, natural disasters, political strife, and the threat of unlivable planet in not-so-distant future. But... those are events that I cannot directly control except by making responsible choices, so I choose not to fret about them on a daily basis. I choose to live in a moment and have a peace of mind right now, and for that I am grateful.

Your Turn

What do you need for peace of mind?


MaryAnne K. said...

Recognizing what I do have is definitely my first step to having peace of mind.

Ticia said...

I'm thinking through the same challenge of Princess possibly going off to college at 16. I'm not quite sure what we'll do with that, probably have her go to community college for the first few years.... I don't know.