Thursday, November 8, 2018

Today, I am grateful for creativity. Creativity is the power that moves our world. In our own family it manifests differently for all of us.
My husband is supremely creative maker. It seems that there is nothing that he cannot do. Not only he understands electricity and electronics deeply (he is an electrical engineer by education), he can draw, knit, sew, design paper structures from scratch, design parts on a 3D printer, etc. He is an ultimate fountain head of our house and he spends some time every week working on his various pet projects.
My creativity is more in my head and manifests in the form of writing and planning. I am a "big picture" person, which is quite helpful in my job as a project manager. I have a lot more difficulty starting projects from scratch, but respond well to creative prompts, such as the one that Smarty gave me when she challenged me to write a poem about fall:
September starts with Labor Day,
A sign that summer fades away,
And children hurry home from school
To catch the last chance at the pool.
The Harvest Moon is shining bright,
The day is equal to the night,
And stores around us begin 
To decorate for Halloween.
The trees are turning red and gold.
In early mornings we are cold.
We get our warm clothes out
And hope that rains bring end to drought.
Graveyards are rising on the lawns,
We hear spooky moans and groans
You need to come to our street
If you are planning trick-or-treat.
We have so much to celebrate
With juicy turkey on a plate,
And this is why I love this fall - 
The greatest season of them all.
Smarty is more like me when it comes to creativity. She also does best with some sort of a trigger or a prompt. For example, she does not do much art on her own, but she enjoys her weekly art classes and an opportunity to experiment with different media, such as clay or painting on wood with creative prompts given by her instructors. Sometimes we both feel that she feels a bit intimidated by her father's gifts when contemplating doing something that has physical output. Just like me, she is a good writer and a quick thinker, and I hope that her creative gifts will blossom and develop more with time.

Your Turn

What do you do to foster creativity in your children?


Ticia said...

It's more trying to keep everything in check and focused.