Friday, November 23, 2018

Today, I am grateful for what I already have. I am thankful of not falling pray to ridiculous American traditions that get people give up their sleep and rush to the stores to snatch a "special deal". I heard that some people find it "fun" to shop on Black Friday and to wait in long lines for the stores to open. I really cannot understand it and I understand even less when people bring their young kids to participate in this yearly ritual of consumption.
However, I am grateful for everyone who has to work on Black Friday, especially for community helpers and for those who have to endure crowds of people. I am grateful that all of us have a day off, and we can take it easy today. I wish I could say that we are completely above Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but we are not. Looking at online deals gives us Christmas presents ideas for our friends and family. We will probably do some online shopping today and then spend time playing board games and watching movies.

Your Turn

How do you spend a Black Friday day?


Ticia said...

I have a few stores I go to for Black Friday, but I'm also not the huge shopper. Today I went to Joann's to get fabric for a baby quilt I'm making and a few other projects. Then I went up to Old Navy to get winter clothes for the kids. There's a store not far from me that's fairly empty, and I go there. I'm not a big fan of the long lines either.
I almost went to Half Price Books for the 25% off entire store, but just wasn't up for that in combination with getting ready for a birthday party.

Min Erva said...

Someone mentioned to me that some people don't have the funds to purchase gifts except when they go on sale. It made me think differently about Black Friday. I wished everyone had the day off but I'm sure Amazon is busier than ever this time of the year.

We just watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix where the girl says, "Christmas isn't Christmas without presents!" Sigh.