Friday, November 9, 2018

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Dear Kindle Paperwhite,

I am grateful for you! I am still in love with you after several years together. You are my loyal companion on every trip. I love cuddling in bed with you, and I am not ashamed to be seen in public with you. 
You are slim and elegant, and you don't weigh me down regardless of how many books I load on you. You are tireless and require very infrequent charging (if I keep the wireless network off). I love that I can choose the font size, so my eyes don't get tired and that you have a built-in dictionary in case I happen to encounter an unfamiliar word.
I cannot believe now that I was skeptical about you at first. My husband brought one of your predecessors home almost 10 years ago, and I scoffed and told him that I believe in real books. With time, however, I learned to appreciate everything you have to offer. It's not a competition between you and real books. You are not better, you are completely different. We still buy real books, especially the ones where photos or illustrations are important, but having you allows us to own so many more books knowing that we won't have to consider where to put them. Speaking of that, we are a little addicted to buying new books. We check Kindle Daily Deals page every day and each of us has a wish list of books that we hope to drop in price. Luckily, we have a voracious little reader at home that is always happy to check out new acquisitions and then recommend us her favorites.
I am also happy that you are sturdy and healthy. I have you for several years now, and I am quite happy with your performance. I hope you and your siblings will continue to serve us for many years to come.
Love,                                                                             Your happy owner.

Your Turn

Do you have a Kindle or another e-Reader?


none said...

I was also a late convert to Kindle, but now prefer it. I agree with all you said, and additionally:
1. No more late fees at library if I check out Kindle version.
2. When I use Kindle app on desktop or IPad,I can tap and google what a certain tree looks like, or what a piece of music sounds like (especially useful reading Murakami!)

Ticia said...

I started with a Nook, and now I have an iPad mini with both Nook and Kindle apps on it, I quite love it for all the same reasons you do.