Saturday, October 6, 2018


Smarty continues to love her new school. She was telling me with great excitement that there will be mid-term finals in December - three short days with two final exams every day. She actually loves test taking, and there is no lack of tests in this school, especially in some subjects like biology, Spanish, and geography. She is not getting 100% all the time, but she is working hard to keep her grades up to 95% or higher. Her favorite subject is currently Spanish, and her least favorite is geography, mostly because of the teacher who, according to Smarty, can be grumpy and unfair to some students. Ironically, her highest grade is in Geography, and her lowest one is in Spanish. 

After School

Last Saturday, Smarty tested for her brown belt. She can now join black belt preparation classes and work on more complex forms and board breaks. She really enjoys taekwondo, but for various reasons she could not go all week this week - it was one calamity after another, first an injured hand from falling on the playground, then sore throat, then being practically hypothermic after practicing capsizing in her sailing class. She still wants to try and do one belt level this month, so we will be going this weekend.

Places We Are Going

We had a lovely party last Saturday - we teamed up with our best friends to celebrate our 200th birthday. We invited everyone we know to the party, made it "adults-only" and had food catered. Our friends graciously offered their house and even organized a live band. It was a great evening. Smarty, in the meantime, had a sleepover with her best friend. Unfortunately, sleepover was "marred" with her injury and followed in the morning by a field trip to urgent care to ensure that her hand was not broken. This is one place that I would prefer to avoid :)

What We Are Reading

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I have nothing to report on Smarty's reading, since she is still stuck in re-reads and also spends her free time on Scratch at the moment. I am reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Smarty already read it ahead of me, so it's good to be able to discuss the book together for a change. 

Picture of the Week

Life in the balance :)

Your Turn

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