Wednesday, October 31, 2018

We enjoyed this warm and sunny October. Of course, it's main highlight was Smarty's birthday. This year, she planned her party from start to finish and invited her closest 5 friends to come to Escape the Room event followed by pizza and cake at home. She is growing into a confident and responsible young woman while still retaining some innocence and clarity of a child. We love spending time together and can't wait to see what changes the next year of her life brings.
Smarty has completely settled in school and enjoys it. Granted, she is not relishing getting up in the mornings, especially on Mondays, but she is happy with her subjects and does not complain about being lonely or feeling like an outsider. She continues to maintain As in all subjects and usually does not spend more than an hour a day on homework, so she still has time for reading, playing, and other after school activities. She really wants to stay in her current school for high school, so we are not planning to apply for any other schools and hope that she does not change her mind in the spring.
Speaking of after school activities, Smarty continues to be a devoted taekwondo practitioner. She won her first real sparring championship and received another "belt-in-a-month". She needs one more "belt-in-a-month" - i.e. 15 classes in a month and passing a skill test, then she can drop to a more leisurely and normal bi-monthly routine and, hopefully, test for her black belt in June.
In other news, Smarty enjoyed her Saturday art class well enough to request to continue for the next session. She is looking forward to her next mixed media project there, and it's a good outlet for her creativity. But I admit that we are both looking forward to the end of Stanford's creative writing class. The class itself is not bad, but the commute is exhausting, making 90 minutes of class to take more than 3 hours on Wednesday.
The word for November is gratitude. I want to try and focus on the positives in our lives and appreciate simple pleasures. We are looking forward to spending time with our friends for Thanksgiving and to seeing my parents in the end of November. I am hoping to make some progress in decluttering the house and preparing for winter holidays. Most of all, I am hoping we all stay healthy and active and enjoy what life has in store for us this month.

Your Turn

What are the important dates for you in November?


Ticia said...

Wendy's birthday! She's busy planning her party, and all I've had to do was communicate with parents.

We're also working on cleaning and decluttering, it's a lot of work that I'm glad we're getting going, but I wish it wasn't a big constant thing.

I love the picture of Smarty balancing the bamboo.