Saturday, September 8, 2018

It looks like we reached a magical boundary this week where we are over the initial shock of too much "newness" and settling into a routine.


Smarty likes her new school now when she knows better what to expects in terms of homework and teachers' expectations. I think she is working in that magical "zone of proximal development" in most subjects where she has to apply effort, but can feel herself mastering new things. She chose to stay in her Media Studies class even though she could transfer out of it. She is still not thrilled with a teacher, but she finds topics interesting - like analysis of ads and understanding how they work - who they are targeting, what persuasion methods they deploy, and what information they omit. She was also very excited this week to try out for a sailing team and to be selected. The team has 8 spots, and the kids will be learning to sail every Thursday during school hours on Shoreline Lake. This counts as PE, so we can stop being so stressed about getting Smarty to taekwondo 4-5 times a week to get hours needed for an independent study in PE. She is super excited about learning to sail and looking forward to it. She will continue to do taekwondo, but at a more normal pace, which will also, hopefully, reduce her chances of injuries.

After School

Speaking of taekwondo, Smarty is still really enjoying it. She was invited to join a performance XMA team, but we are going to wait with it at least until winter, since she has too much going on right now. She also started her fall art class on Saturday. She is in a group called Art Exploration for kids age 11+. There are only 3 other students in her group, and the idea is that they can choose what to do, and the instructor will advise them on technique. Smarty chose a clay sculpture for her first project as she enjoys working with clay.

Places We Are Going

We enjoyed our day trip to San Francisco headlands on Labor Day. I hope we will drag Smarty on another trip sometime in October before weather turns to winter rains.

What We Are Reading

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We made it to the library last weekend, and Smarty loaded up with books from Brandon Mull's Five Kingdoms - she has the first book in her Kindle library, but she also read all the rest this week. I did not find the second book in Unwound series as compelling as the first one and switched to non-fiction book Path to Purpose by William Damon that I am finding very interesting.

Your Turn

How was your week?


MaryAnne K. said...

That sailing class sounds amazing! How cool that Smarty was selected!

We are getting settled in here, too.

Min Erva said...

Media Studies sounds similar to what K studied last year on propaganda and advertisement. This year, they are going even deeper into correlation vs. causation by examining various studies.

Wise not to overdo any one sport to prevent injuries.

Ticia said...

I can't wait to hear how the sailing class goes.

We just got back from Universal Studios, and I'm still in recovery from that mentally.