Saturday, September 15, 2018

We all enjoyed this cool and sunny week of early fall!


This was a week when the "switch" was apparently completed. Smarty started saying that she loves her new school - something that was hard to imagine two weeks ago. She had her first series of tests and quizzes and was happy with their results. She did not get 100% on all of them, but it was still a solid A. She moved to an online math class and happy to be able to move faster and not worry about homework. She also has her first "group project" in biology, but the group is 2 people rather than 5, and she is very happy with her partner pulling his fair share of the project. Overall, she returned to a cheerful and positive frame of mind even though she does say that she misses her friends from her old school.

After School

Speaking of friends, Smarty still has plenty of time to meet up with them. She always gets together over weekends with her "bestie", and last weekend another boy from her old school came over to play board games. We also now have an arrangement with a family of her new classmate - his Mom picks both kids up on Wednesdays and my husband picks them up on Thursdays. It was the first week when we actually did it - it went well, but Smarty was disappointed that her classmate had to spend all their time together doing homework. She wants to pair up with him next time when there is a project of any kind, so that they could at least spend their time after school working on something together. 

Places We Are Going

Last Sunday, Smarty had a fun seminar with our local organization for gifted children - it was "introduction to horse care and riding". We had a hard time finding the place in Santa Cruz mountains - it was not showing up on GPS and was on an unmarked road, so we were a little late. She was a bit miffed that riding part was very short, students took turns 1:1 with a riding instructor for about 10 minutes, but she enjoyed learning how to care for horses. She did not express any interest in riding classes, and I am glad, because we certainly don't have space in our busy calendar for that. 

What We Are Reading

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I am wrapping up The Path to Purpose - I will share my thoughts later when I am done. Believe it or not, Superman comics was a school assignment - Smarty needed to write a thesis on whether or not Superman represents a cult of childhood. She wrote her thesis, but she did not care for the book - she does not care for any superhero books and movies at all. For herself, she read through The Fault in Our Stars by John Green - she really enjoyed this book despite the fact that she called it a "romance book". I guess she is ready for Romeo and Juliette - this is going to be their next major book in English language syllabus. Then, finally, the third book in Unwound series by Neil Shusterman became available in our library, so she could reunite back with those characters. I love talking to Smarty about the books that she reads and getting some insights into her way of thinking.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Min Erva said...

Curious to know what she thinks of Romeo and Juliette. I loved it in middle school. K, on the other hand, disliked Romeo and thought Juliette was foolish for falling for him.

MaryAnne K. said...

I'm curious to read your review of The Path to Purpose.

Ticia said...

I remember going riding somewhere up in the Santa Cruz mountains when I was a kid and loving it.

We showed our kids the diCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet (my personal favorite version) as a discussion started about the crazy depths of emotions teens go through.