Tuesday, September 4, 2018

We all enjoyed this long Labor Day weekend. On Saturday, Smarty had a marathon Minecraft playdate with her best friend while we went to a tea party for my former boss to help him "break in" his new kitchen. In the evening, we watched Ready Player One on Blu-Ray. Smarty does not like movies, but she watched this one over her father's shoulder (with subtitles but without sound) when we were flying back from Europe, and she agreed to watch it for real with us at home. It's quite an enjoyable movie, and it opened some interesting discussions about the pros and cons of spending too much time in a virtual world.
On Sunday, we had our last brunch with our best friend who is leaving California in 10 days. Then I took Smarty to taekwondo. Her dojo had a "fall cleaning" day that started right after the class, and Smarty volunteered to stay and help. While I don't like some things about her studio, I have to say that they are doing a remarkable job building a community, and I am glad that Smarty feels more and more at home in this multi-age community. She is eagerly looking forward to September belt promotion - she will earn a brown belt and can switch to black belt preparation classes training on a higher level and learning new techniques. In the evening of the same day, we met up for dinner at our house with our friends who have a daughter Smarty's age. Unfortunately, Smarty and this girl don't "click" on a deep level, and by the end of the evening Smarty just couldn't wait for their playdate to be over.
On Monday, we went on a day trip to San Francisco headlands. The weather was "summer in San Francisco - i.e. cold and grey. Despite that, The Golden Gate Bridge outlooks were completely overcrowded, because, apparently, many other people also thought that it would be a brilliant idea to go do "touristy stuff". We were lucky that we accidentally missed an exit and ended up in the park near Lands' End where we could enjoy the views of Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco side. Then we went on and visited Point Bonita (no lighthouse visit, too crowded) and Rodeo Beach, where we went on a nice hike. Smarty came on our trip grumpy wanting to stay home and read, but eventually started to enjoy it. It was our only opportunity to enjoy day tripping for a while. October also looks pretty busy considering that it's also Smarty's birth month.
This long weekend was a nice break that we all needed to really get used to the reality of summer being over. We are now getting ready for busy months ahead with the next chance to take a small break for Veterans' Day.

Your Turn

Have you done any special during this long weekend in US?


Unknown said...

We just enjoyed the day off school! My kids had a non click play date like that a couple weeks ago. It's a tough situation!

Ticia said...

We have some friends that Princess DOES not get on with their daughter, and it really limited our ability to see them, which is frustrating. I feel your pain with that.

We're debating on when to have the kids read Ready Player One before they watch the movie, 99% of the book would be fine for them to read now, but there's about 1 page that gets into more mature sexual content they don't need to read right now. It does have a lot of interesting things to talk through though.