Sunday, July 1, 2018

Another month sped by, and it was an eventful month. Here are some highlights of June:

School Is Out

Smarty wrapped up 7th grade with all As. She is a bit sad to leave her school and her friends behind, but she is really looking forward to her new school. She intends to stay in touch with her favorite teacher (a science teacher) and with a few friends she made in her grade. It goes without saying that she stays in touch with her best friend. In fact, they already had a few playdates once the school ended.

A Trip to New Jersey

We managed to pull off a big surprise for my Mom by flying for a few days to New Jersey to attend her 70th birthday party. My Dad was awesome organizing everything and keeping our arrival in total secret. My Mom was so happy to see both of us, especially Smarty. The visit was short, but we fit in a visit to Russian sauna, something that Smarty enjoys on every trip. We are looking forward to seeing my parents again in August.

Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship

We also found out in June that Smarty was selected as a finalist for the only merit-based high school scholarship in the United States, Caroline D. Bradley scholarship. She was super excited about being selected and super nervous for her interview that took place in the hotel in San Francisco. Fortunately, the lovely interviewers from the Institute for Educational Advancement were quite familiar with over-excited gifted kids and they put her at ease. We were not present for her interview, but Smarty said that she is "cautiously optimistic". Being selected as a recipient would be amazing, but even if she does not get it, it was still such a validating experience for her, since she tends to minimize her gifts and compare herself against "kids who go to college at 12." We will find out in the end of August, and in the meantime, we will all be enjoying summer.

College 4 Kids

Overall, Smarty is enjoying her College 4 Kids camp, but she is disappointed about her creative writing class, and so are we. The teacher appears to be very disorganized and does not really teach students. There is no sharing of work, no feedback, just assignments in Google classroom while the teacher is browsing shopping sites on Internet. We actually complained to the administration, because this is certainly not the way to encourage budding writers. But... Smarty made some friends in this camp, something that does not come easily to her. According to her, this camp has more "kids like her." and it's also multi-age, so she is not even the youngest one in her classes. Still, we have to think long and hard on whether she is going to go back to this camp next year.

Books We Are Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links.
Here are some of the books that Smarty and I (or just I) enjoyed this month. 

Plans for July

The word for July is celebrate. We are going to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday, 4th of July, and summer. Smarty will finally have a break from summer camps in the second half of July and will visit family in Germany with her Dad. In the meantime, perhaps I can finally get her room more organized and declutter various areas of the house. I will miss my family, but I intend to celebrate a bit of time on my own too :)

Your Turn

What are your plans for July?


Ticia said...

Organizing, the bane of my existence. I need to organize our school room again. It fell back into disarray, and makes me sad to go in.

That is so sad about the creative writing class, it's a shame the teacher is so hands off and disorganized, hopefully you get a useful response back from the administration.

What is a Russian sauna, I'm curious how it's different from other saunas.

MaryAnne K. said...

We've been enjoying our time in the UK. We get back to the US on the 25th, and things will be VERY busy leading up to the start of school Emma's even squeezing in a 35-mile hike!