Saturday, June 23, 2018

Big Birthday Party

Our surprise visit to grandparents worked out very well. My Mom was so happy to have us there for her big 7-0 birthday. Smarty did not care much for the party, being surrounded by Russian speaking older people and being touched by strangers, so I dropped her off home relatively early and returned to hang out with my best friend and her husband. My Dad organized the party extremely well, and everyone had a great time.

College 4 Kids

We came home on Sunday night, and on Monday Smarty started her first camp, College 4 Kids. Overall, she is enjoying it even though we all feel like the school was extended by 3 weeks, because she needs to get up at her usual school time of 7:30 to be in camp by 8:30, and then she comes home even later than usual, at 4 pm. She asked to switch her last period after the first day - she did not like a large and unruly multimedia class. She opted to do swimming instead saying that she is already spending enough time sitting in the classroom. Despite these feelings, she likes her subjects and looking forward to the next two weeks of this camp.


Smarty was excited to meet a girl in the camp that she befriended last year. Unfortunately, they don't have any classes together, but they sit and talk during lunch. She is also keeping in touch through her phone with a couple of kids from her class, and she got together with her best friend for a Friday afternoon swim. 

Fun Moment of the Week

Smarty was super surprised to see a young deer peacefully grazing in the front yard of a house on a busy street in New Jersey suburb of  New York City. She followed her around for a little bit - she does not get to see this kind of wildlife where we live. Apparently, lately wild animals are kind of exploding in Northern New Jersey - my parents can see anything from chipmunks to rabbits to foxes to deer. I find it a good sign for nature co-existing with humans even amidst a city sprawl.

Your Turn

How was your week?


MaryAnne K. said...

Smarty looks very elegant in her black dress!

My kids would feel the same way about an adult party like that. But I'm glad the surprise worked!

College 4 Kids sounds like something Emma would enjoy...

Ticia said...

Deer are a hazard here in Texas, but a common sight and amusing to see from time to time.

I love the picture of her in that dress.

I was down to just one kid last week, so that was an interesting experience.