Saturday, June 2, 2018

... And just like that, another month is over. We had a great week, and here are some highlights from it.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend brought us our first heat wave of the year. Honestly, after an unusually cold month of May we were happy to enjoy some sun. Our community pool opened over the weekend, so our swimming season has officially begun. We also enjoyed spending time with friends this long weekend, seeing three different sets of friends over three days.


Smarty is enjoying the last projects of the school year. According to her, her group is "almost done" with their Maya game due next Thursday, and she is hoping to have her final test for Intergrated Mathematics 1 done next Thursday as well. She will have to do some work this weekend to be able to meet her schedule - she is saying that the last few units introduced a lot of new (to her) material, and she is not moving as fast through them as in the beginning of the class. I admire her for being able to focus on her class so late in the school year.

Taekwondo (and Friends)

Smarty was thrilled to receive her blue belt last Saturday. She worked hard for it in May, but having a new friend in her taekwondo class made the training more fun for her. Despite her saying that she does not know how to make friends, she can sometimes "click" with others surprisingly quickly. We are not trying for another "accelerated" belt in summer as we will be travelling and we want to enjoy other things in the afternoons, especially our pool.

Places We Are Going

We went back to our San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation this weekend. When I told Smarty that we will be going, she reacted with the excitement that other kids would show for a surprise Disneyland trip. She just loves this museum. This time she made it to a bio ink lab where students could extract color pigment from bacteria growing on agar and then also test their solution for pH and see it change color while interacting with acid and base. Yet again, I was impressed how well this museum organized their hands-on exhibits bringing science closer to kids. 

What My Child Is Reading

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We made it to the library last Saturday, and Smarty spent significant part of Memorial Day weekend reading. Here are some of the books she enjoyed:

Your Turn

How was your week?


Unknown said...

We are done with school for the year, apart from some math E and L need to finish (this is MaryAnne on my phone again and therefore unknown apparently). I need to take my kids to that museum. Any recommendations on days or times when it seems less crowded?

Ticia said...

That's how my kids react to museums too. They actually are less excited by Disney than they were by Williamsburg, go figure.

Sadly we don't have any really good science museums in the area, we had one that attempted to start, but weren't able to make a solid go of it. I think too many local people are used to thinking in terms of our local children's museum and were disappointed it wasn't aimed at their preschooler and early elementary kids.