Thursday, May 31, 2018

Another month flew by and we are almost done with this school year. Here are some highlights that I want to remember from this May.


We all enjoyed an Open House in Smarty's school where students could show off their achievements of the year. Smarty's school is a fun environment that does encourage creativity and self-expression. I feel that we will all miss some of its unique charm next year. I just wish they had a little more... rigor and higher expectations. 

Tech Challenge 

The program that Smarty was involved in for the most part of this school year finally ended. The team made it to the competition itself and even won an award for The Best Engineering Process. Smarty hated almost every minute of being in this program, but she learned a few important lessons, like, for example, maybe not signing up for something that is not really your passion. All in all, it was a positive experience, and I wrote more about it here.

Taekwondo Belt

Getting to taekwondo practice 15 times in a month required planning, commitment, and even sacrifice, but Smarty (and I as her main chauffeur) made it to the final line. She was very happy to receive her blue recommended belt - yet another step toward her goal of becoming a black belt when she turns 13.

Making (and Keeping) Friends

Since we were not spending every Saturday on Tech Challenge and the weather got warmer, we enjoyed seeing our friends more often by inviting them to weekend dinners. Smarty had several meetups with her Lyceum friends including one during a camping trip, and she also spent a lot of time with her best friend working on their STEAM night project. STEAM night is next week, and I am really looking forward to see how their project turned out!

Books We Are Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links.
Here are some books that Smarty and I were reading this month. She really enjoyed I Am Number Four series, but she also read quite a few non-fiction books as well.

June Goals

I did really well with May goals! I got back into my 5 days a week mini-exercise routine and into walking more every day We also got to see our friends more often. I can give myself a solid A for meeting my May goals :)
The word for June is lose. I want to lose 4 lbs between now and our August trip to Europe. I would also like to spend some time decluttering and donating or giving away things that we don't need any longer. Finally, we will have to process our feelings of loss - leaving Smarty's shiny, new, and safe public school and venturing into a new territory of a private school in August. 
To meet my goal of weight loss, I plan to continue to exercise and watch my portions. My weight also trends down when I limit sugar and wheat in my diet. I am not planning full withdrawal, but I will certainly try to eat less bread and pasta and more vegetables to get back to my 125 lbs by August.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Unknown said...

Are you really 129 pounds? Objectively speaking, you look a bit heavier? Perhaps you are short in stature? Either way, sounds like a reasonable and healthy goal. Good luck!

Ticia said...

I really need to work on exercising, but TX has hitten its summer heat now, and it's hard to want to get out there and walk.

It interests me how much Smarty enjoys reading nonfiction. My kids have firmly transitioned to primarily reading fiction books unless assigned otherwise.