Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My 9 year old loves to have big dreams about her future. One of her recurring themes is inventing. She is specifically interested in solving our trash problem and inventing new ways of recycling. I challenged her to visualize her recycling plant of the future and she was happy to rise to this challenge.
Engineer This: Recycling Plant of the Future

Build It

Recycling Plant of the Future
Smarty had very clear ideas about how her plant will work and she was able to demonstrate it in action with her favorite building materials - LEGO Duplos. Even though we have a huge LEGO brick collection, she still loves her Duplos, especially when she wants to build big. In the front you see a "recycling tank" where bio-robots will break trash into liquid fuel and gas fuel. These robots will also produce heat energy. All that energy will be sent to a "crank" (i.e. a power generator), which will produce electricity. Her future recycling plant will be very clean, since all leftover material will serve as food for bio-robots and will be converted into water and fertilizer. There is a small matter of coming up with this magical bio-robot, but who knows? With scary advances in genetic engineering, we just might see them in action in not-so-distant future!

Draw It

Yes, I know, normally people draw their designs before they implement them, but Smarty still did not reach this stage. I think that planning and organization is her weakest executive skills area. I am hoping that her planning skills will mature next year before she reaches middle school. Once she gets to that next level, she might be able to go further into converting her big ideas into real world applications.

Your Turn

What are your kids' big ideas?
Dream big - design recycling plant of the future

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love Smarty's recycling center! I think she has a good chance of accomplishing many of her big dreams.

Ticia said...

My kids would love this too. I'm just imagining what they'd do with it.

Karyn Tripp said...

This is great!! I love that she designed it & built it.