Monday, January 25, 2016

Almost every child enjoys LEGO, and LEGO bricks can be excellent for teaching math. Today I want to share 10 must-try LEGO math ideas.
10 LEGO Math Ideas for kids

LEGO Math Ideas from Kindergarten to 5th Grade

I ordered the ideasfrom younger grades to older grades:
  1. Walk the Number Line from In the Playroom
  2. Ten Frames Games from Lalymom
  3. Learn Symmetry with Lego from Fun At Home with Kids
  4. Lego Graphing from JDaniel's Mom
  5. Addition and Subtraction Game from Creative Family Fun
  6. Exploring Area and Perimeter with LEGO from School Time Snippets
  7. Estimating and Probability with Lego from Planet Smarty Pants
  8. LEGO 3D Multiplication Graph from Frugal Fun for Boys
  9. LEGO Fraction Games from JDaniel's Mom
  10. LEGO Brain Puzzles (good for all ages!) from Frugal Fun for Boys

Your Turn

Must Try Lego Math Activities from Kindergarten to 5th Grade
What is your favorite learning activity with LEGO?

More LEGO Activities for Kids?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

So far we have only built with our LEGO bricks, but I love all the learning ideas I see across the internet!

Ticia said...

Surprisingly enough LEGO doesn't get pulled out all that often for our math, how weird is that?

nancy john said...

Love all your cute Kindergarten work! Makes me want to start teaching Kindergarten again!Take care

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