Friday, December 11, 2015

Are you thinking of the next year and your wishes and dreams for it? My 9 year old and I brainstormed some of our goals through this fun writing activity.
New Year Resolutions with Kids

Talking About a Year Ahead

While Smarty does not watch much TV, she makes an exception for Olympics, and she can’t wait for summer Olympic games in Rio. As we were talking about Olympic Games, I thought that Olympic rings will make a fun “backdrop” to talk about our goals for the year. We sorted them into several categories:
  • Physical (obviously inspired by Olympic symbols)
  • Academic
  • Travel
  • Learning a new skill
  • Family time
Smarty insisted that both of us should put our goals together, I think you can guess which ones are mine and which ones are hers. Lately, she has been obsessed with an idea of passing a SAT early after overhearing her 7th grade friend talking about taking a SAT math test this year. No, she is not going to take (and even less pass) a SAT at the age of 10, but I didn’t want to crush her aspirations. At least this goal might encourage her to practice a bit more math with Khan Academy. I, personally, a lot more excited about our plan to cook around the world and about the places we hope to visit this year. If you would like to use this printable for goal setting with your kids, please click here:

Your Turn

New Year resolutions for kids

Are you a fan of New Year resolutions? Do you write down yours?

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Deborah Nielson said...

This is so clever. I love the theme and the way it helps to organize the goals. Plus I love that the number of goals is limited... Sometimes I want to change the whole world with my New Year's Resolutions and end up overwhelming myself.

Ticia said...

We've been trying to alternate between a state and a country in our geography studies. It's going slowly.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What a fun way to organize goals!