Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I love finding good logic games for my daughter, and I want to share with you a new game called Code Master. I am also going to give one away to one of my readers !
Logic and Programming for Kids with Code Master
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Single Player Games for Kids

As an only child, Smarty has her fair share of single player games, and last year I wrote a post with our favorite single player games for kids.  A lot of our games came from ThinkFun company, and this year they sent us two new games. One was Compose Yourself which I reviewed here saying that it could be an excellent Christmas stocking stuffer for kids who enjoy music. The other one was Code Master. While we received these games for free, all opinions are my own.

How Code Master Teaches Logic

Code Master Game
To be honest, I was originally skeptical. After all, my daughter is already learning to program with Scratch after having attempted Java Script earlier. But… Code Master is very different from learning to program on the computer, and I would say that it’s a rather clever logic game. Basically, on each level you have “step chips” of different colors, crystals to collect, a “walker” and a “portal”. Each level has set up instructions, and then you have to use only chips allowed for this level to fulfill instructions. This is why I am saying that this is not really a game for programming – in programming, there is always more than one way to achieve desired results, even though certain ways would be more efficient than others. However, as a logic game, it’s really quite good! Smarty spent hours playing with her set. Once she asked me for help with one of the levels, and I had to think HARD trying to figure out the solution including the notion that perhaps I could go to the portal twice. Higher levels introduce conditional statements, so in this sense game does teach foundations of programming. I could see it implemented as a computer game too, but there is something about the feeling of actual pieces and being able to move them around that is not easily achievable on screen.

Code Master Giveaway

Apparently, Smarty’s friends also thought that she would enjoy Code Master. She received another copy of this game as a birthday present from her school mate, and I want to give our extra copy to one of my readers! Please feel free to enter a giveaway which is open to residents of US and Canada and will close on December 1, 2015.
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Your Turn

Programming and Logic for Kids with Code Master

What are your favorite single player games?

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Ticia said...

I've never been successful getting my kids to play single player games. But I do like the Think Fun games, all of the ones I've attempted to get my kids have been from them.

Cristy S. said...

Besides Minecraft (which is all consuming these days?) We've always liked the Maze Ball and any kind of matching game (for speed trials LOL)

Becky Martin said...

It's always been hard to get my 9-yo extrovert to play by himself. Though, it's worth a try...

Christy said...

My oldest (the only one really able to play games at this point) is such an extrovert that it never occurred to me to give him single-player games. But I definitely should! (Might free me up from the constant barrage of conversation!) And, actually, my second-born (who is close to game-playing capability) is quite happy to be alone and would probably love this.

Spiritwick said...

This looks right up my DD8's alley!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Johnny especially would LOVE this. Right now Rush Hour is very popular here.

Karen Cizmar said...

My almost 10 year old daughter is totally into coding, solving puzzles and figuring things out on her own. This is right up her alley! Thanks for the opportunity.

Karen Cizmar said...

Thanks so much! Can't wait for my daughter to open it up so we can play! She'll be so excited!