Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Do you have a Lego motor and 10 minutes? Then you can build a Lego spin art machine that will keep you and you younger kids (or siblings) entertain for hours. This post will explain how to build a Lego spin art machine.
Lego Spin Art Machine
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Inspiration from the Maker’s Faire

In mid May we went to the Bay Area’s Maker Faire. One of the first projects we’ve seen there was a mini spin art machine created by an 11 year old maker. That machine used a computer fan as a base. Smarty wanted to make one at home, and my husband commented that we could make one with a Lego motor.  As with many of his Lego creations, it took him less than 10 minutes to put this Lego spin art machine together.

Supplies Needed

The most important piece for this project is a Lego motor. Ours is more than 30 years old and comes from a set that my husband had as a child. You can buy a Lego motor separately on Lego site or on Amazon. You will also need a gear or any other flat Lego piece that will clip on top of the motor. In addition you will need:
  • A flat “foundation” Lego piece
  • A few blocks to keep motor in place
  • Square 0.5 in mounting tabs
  • A large plastic lid (ours was from sour cream container)
  • A used CD
  • Paper circles cut a little smaller than diameter of your CD
  • Markers or crayons. Crayola Twistable Slick Sticks gave us very pretty spin art.


1. Build an “enclosure” for your motor:
2. Put a gear on top to serve as a base for your spin wheel.
3. Attach a lid to the gear with mounting tabs.
4. Attach a CD to the lid with mounting tabs. This will make the top heavier and less wobbly. Then add a mounting tab (or a double-sided scotch tape) in the middle to keep your paper circle in place.
5. Have fun!

Your Turn

Do you have a Lego motor yet? What motorized Lego projects have you tried?
How to Build a Lego Spin Art Machine

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Ticia said...

In theory we have a Lego motor somewhere. I should look for that, if not I should buy one. It opens whole realms of possibilities up for our schoolwork.

Erin @ Nourishing My Scholar said...

We must get a Lego motor! This looks awesome!

Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

Wow, love this! My daughter loves to create spin art, but we've never tried building one!

shelah moss said...

It's projects like this that make me wish I was a kid again. It's a brilliant blend of art and engineering!