Monday, April 13, 2015

In honor of National Poetry Month, I want to share some ideas about fostering love of poetry in our children.
How to teach kids to appreciate poetry

Fostering Love of Poetry at Home

Do your kids say that poetry is boring? Mine did at some point, but we did this intervention and now she is reading poetry again:
Poetry for kids who don't like poetry Teach your kids to write simple sensory poems! Smarty just wrote a new one for us to celebrate family.
Sensory Poem
I hear lullabies and "I love yous" before bed
I feel soft loving cuddles and caresses all day.
I see soft green rooms and familiar surroundings at home.
I smell cookies baking and hair wash (when I take a bath)
I taste my favorite cereal.
That's my family to me.

Let them be silly creating limericks!

Expand their knowledge of poetry styles by reading different poetry books:

More Ideas to Introduce Poetry to Kids?

Poetry Appreciation Ideas for Kids

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Ticia said...

I think my boys have picked up my dislike of poetry. Princess on the other hand loves poetry. Thinks it's the most wonderful thing ever.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I need to do more poetry with my kids!