Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I am happy to welcome Sheila on my blog today with a guest post about Lego science. Sheila Rogers blogs about raising boys who love to learn at Brain Power Boy. She shares resources on activities for boys, LEGO, homeschool unit studies, the best books for boys, learning styles, and more. You can also find Sheila on Facebook and Pinterest.
Lego Learning - Science Activities for Kids
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LEGO and science go together like peanut butter and jelly, or like Batman and Robin. They are the perfect match. I write about LEGO Learning and focus on fun resources for raising boys who love to learn. Natalie and I both like the learning aspects of LEGO and I thought of her site’s science focus when putting together this post. LEGO is one of the very best creativity boosters that we own. I even like designing some LEGO builds when I have a few spare minutes. It is a very satisfying experience. Sometimes I enjoy finding a few things that we might not think about doing, like these wonderful LEGO Science ideas.

LEGO Learning: Science

  1. Go on a LEGO Scavenger Hunt by freezing LEGO pieces in a baking soda and vinegar solution. Learn about a basic chemical reaction. Super fizzy fun.
  2. Try a float/sink experiment by building a LEGO boat. You can use this post of inspiration. For older kids, encourage them to create boats in different shapes and sizes for testing.
  3. Natalie has such a neat activity right here on her site:  Rev up your engines and build a LEGO Egg Racer. I love this idea and can’t wait to try it with my son.
  4. We are big into catapults at my house. I sometimes need to peak into a room before walking through to make sure the coast is clear. Create your own LEGO catapult and learn a bit about mechanical engineering.  We built the catapult with rubber bands and it is a winner.
  5. How about a bit of science learning surrounding force, gravity and slopes? This LEGO Zip Line is perfect for it and so entertaining.
  6. Last, but certainly not least, is the super awesome LEGO Rocket Powered Car.  A chemical reaction forces the car to shoot forward 20 to almost 35 feet. Exciting!
I love that you can turn kids loose with LEGO knowing they are learning critical thinking, math concepts, construction techniques, and problem solving. Add some science to LEGO and the learning is expanded even more.Lego Learning - Amazing Lego Science Activities for Kids

Gift Ideas for LEGO Scientists

More Lego Fun?

Try LEGO Activities from Brain Power Boy and check out my guest post on her site – Magic of Duplo.
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I hope you enjoyed these ideas. It was a pleasure to bring them to you. What is your favorite way to share LEGO learning with your kids?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Hooray for LEGO bricks! Great ideas in this post!

Ticia said...

Legos and science do go together well.

Lora Langston said...

We like Legos, but we don't have very many! I love all of these ideas. Makes me want to go shopping :) Visiting from KBN. http://www.kidscreativechaos.com/2014/10/7-gifts-for-kids-that-like-legos.html

Clare - The Super Mommy Club said...

I confess - I love the whole baking soda and vinegar thing - and discovering lego people has to be way more exciting than cleaning the toilet so I will be trying that one with my kids!