Monday, March 16, 2015

Welcome back to After School Link Up. Today, I would like to share some great STEAM ideas from After School Link Up participants:

STEAM on Planet Smarty Pants

Science-Fair-ClassThis week Smarty completed her project for a science fair in her school. She compared several bubble solutions to determine which one blows the longest stream of bubbles. Science fair is a perfect example of STEAM in action, since students design and perform their science experiments, research information and type up their results on the computers, use math in measurements, and apply their artistic skills in presenting the results on posters. I appreciate the fact that for 4 years now Smarty was with the teachers who found time to make a class project, so entire class could participate in science fair and learn foundations of scientific method while working on their project. This is Smarty’s class project from this year on “Fizzability” complete with research from one third grader why soda and vinegar actually fizz. Very impressive! You can find her own poster here.

STEAM Ideas from After School Link Up

There were many great ideas linked, I chose two per subject with focus on ideas that kids of upper elementary (age 8+) and even of middle school might find interesting.


ROYGBIVWall2 1. Exploring Light from Being Home
2. A Density Experiment with pirate theme from Science Sparks


Sadly, there were no technology posts linked this week, so I have to share one of mine and one from my online discoveries this week:
3. Getting Kids Started with Computer Science from Planet Smarty Pants
4. Resources to Learn About Pi Day from Nerd Family


Boat racing 5. Make and race a boat from Science Sparks
6. Build a Pinewood Derby Car from Mama to 5 Blessings


7. Drip-painted garden pots from KC Edventures
8. Simple paper roses from Mum in the Mad House


multiplication-doubles-card-game-thats-gross 9. Learning Multiplication Doubles Game from This Reading Mama
10. DIY Telling Time Game from Time to Craft

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Being Home said...

Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my ROYGBIV / exploring light post. :)

Those science projects are awesome! I love it when kids get excited about science. It was boring to me as a kid. Probably because it was. No one ever made it exciting. It was always so dry and textbook. Blah.

Have a great week and thanks again! :D

Ticia said...

What a great set of featured posts. I'm pinning this for sure!