Friday, January 2, 2015

I am joining with bloggers of Kid Blogger Network to share my favorite post of the year. Mine doesn’t happen to be the one from Planet Smarty Pants Top 10 posts of 2014, but I decided to feature it today, because I think it’s perfect to read early in the year.
Best Blog Posts 2014

What Is Important to You as a Parent?

Every time a new year feels like opening a new page. We are setting resolutions and try to do better this year than we did last year. We did our resolutions as a family, but I also set my mothering goals in the middle of last year. I thought about what my goals as a parent are and what I can do every day to further this goal. This led me to write Is There a Goad in Motherhood?a post that I still reread myself every so often to make sure that between wants and pulls of everyday life I still try and follow the goals that I set in this post.
6-Ways-to-Be-a-Good-MotherSadly, this post didn’t get a lot of attention in 2014, but there is always hope for this year, especially at the time where we are all trying to have a fresh start. I am hoping to continue the conversation about parenting goals, successes, and failures in 2015.

Your Turn

What are some of your parenting goals for 2015?

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Anonymous said...

Will check out your goal post immediately. My goal for this year is to be a calmer parent. I hope I can do that.

Ticia said...

The tea hasn't kicked in yet, so I'm trying to remember my parenting goals for the year. I think it was something about time....