Tuesday, October 14, 2014

With Halloween around the corner, challenge your children to a fun drawing game of organic shape monsters.
A drawing challenge for any age  making organic shape monsters
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What Are Organic Shape Monsters?

This project was inspired by Organic Shape Monsters post at Our Art Lately. The concept is pretty simple – you take a string and form a shape with it. Then you draw an imaginary creature to fit that shape:

Making an organic monster with a string shape

Choosing Your Art Supplies

Smarty has received an early birthday present from a friend – a Darice 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set. She was excited to try it out on her organic monsters. Frankly, while the price on Amazon is really attractive (this set is under $10), its quality is very disappointing. The crayons are waxy, some of the pencils have this problem with cores sliding out of the end of the opposite end when you draw with them, and the pastels are just horrible. It’s rather sad, since the concept of a big art set is a good one, and my daughter really wanted one. She didn’t want to change her art supplies in the middle of the project, but, sadly, I don’t see this set seeing a lot of action here as we have better art supplies available (mostly from Crayola brand).

Drawing-Organic-MonsterTell the Story While Drawing

Smarty is much better “drawing with words” that drawing with art supplies, and it was fun to listen to her describing her monster. Obviously, it’s a friendly monster that has a big air bubble behind him that allows him to fly. He also has “barnacles with wings”, and he can pick up things with barnacles and with extra feet. I always enjoy seeing her imagination take shape in the form of stories and drawings.

More Art for Kids?

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Your Turn

What kind of Halloween art are your kids making right now?


Ticia said...

In a college class we called these scribble monsters, and they were so much fun.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What a fun art activity! That's a shame that the art set isn't better, though.

Erin Thomas said...

Great idea. Pinned it to try with my kids later. Found the post from I can teach my child link party and started following on Pinterest.


Anonymous said...

What a great art activity!

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