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This post is part of the series in Book Recommendations for Kids by Age and Month of the Year. It has October book recommendations for children who are 2 or 3 years old. Each book is paired up with additional resources that you can use to extend the story further.
October Book Picks for 2 and 3 year olds with extension activities
My daughter is going to be 8 in October, and she is a very fluent reader. Very often I hear the same question, What did you do with her when she was little? Well, we read a lot, and I maintained a diary of our reading activities in weekly What My Child Is Reading entries in my blog. I decided to make these reading diaries more useful and create a new series on my blog where I will share our best books for each month for ages 3, 4, 5, and 6. Moreover, I will pair each book with an extension activity – sometimes with ours and sometimes with activities from my creative friends from Kid Blogger Network. In this post I am featuring books that we read when Smarty was almost 3 years old.
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1. Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever

Corduroy First Halloween Ever
My daughter loves Halloween now, but she didn’t enjoy it as a young child. Spooky decorations and adults in costumes scared her. As usual, one way for us to deal with her fears was through books, and we read very many Halloween books that October when she was turning 3. Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever was one of her favorites even though it is not really part of the original Corduroy books by Don Freeman. I love the message of generosity and caring in the story when Corduroy gives up his own carefully made costume to a friend. Your children might try their hand designing their own Halloween outfits (they never come from the store here!), but I also thought that this playdough pumpkin decorating activity from Teach Preschool is a great age-appropriate modification of traditional pumpkin carving.
Pumpkin Playdough Decorating from Teach Preschool

2. Monster Musical Chairs

Monster Musical ChairsOctober is a great time to have some fun with monster theme, and Monster Musical Chairs by Stuart J. Murphy works very well with it. It sneaks some math concepts of counting down while monsters are playing a game of musical chairs. We extended the story by making simple monsters with stickers, but I turned our original post into a roundup of easy preschool art activities for monster theme.

3. The Apple Pie Tree

The Apple Pie Tree
The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall is a wonderful book to read at this time of the year! It straddles the boundary between fiction and non-fiction that my daughter still enjoys. Just like The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, the story follows the seasons’ flow, this time through the eyes of two girls. An obvious extension of the book is making an apple recipe given in the book, but you can also make a magnetic apple tree for your children following this simple magnetic apple tree tutorial from CrafttoArt.
Magnetic Apple Tree

4. First the Egg

First the egg
Even though my 3 year old prefers longer stories, she really enjoyed First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. Basically, it’s a book about lifecycles, but whimsical interactive illustrations make it much more than that. I also loved the twist in the end when nature lifecycles are replaced by a lifecycle of a story. You can use this book to introduce lifecycles for the first time or to focus on a particular lifecycle. For this time of the year, this lifecycle of a pumpkin from My Montessori Journey looks like a great extension.
Pumpkin lifecycle from My Montessori Journey

5. The Cow That Went Oink

The Cow that Went Oink
Are you visiting a farm this October for some corn maze and hayride fun? Read The Cow that Went Oink or Cock-a-Doodle-Moo! by Bernard Most before you go! Even the youngest children will find these stories hilarious, and they will draw out reluctant talkers. Both books also carry important messages of friendship and perseverance, even though in The Cow That Went Oink other animals are not nice to a “foreign-speaking” cow first. And if you are not planning a visit to a farm, make one at home – this small world farm from Two-Daloo looks so real!
Farm Small World from Two-Daloo

6. The Crayon Box That Talked

The Crayon Box that Talked
If cows can oink, crayons can talk, right? The Crayon Box that Talked is a story of crayons of different colors that don’t really get along until someone helps them see how important all of them are when they work together. If you want to teach your children about cooperation, The Pleasantest Thing has a cool cooperation color game (actually, more of a science experiment), or you might pick any (or all!) from this extensive list of things to do with crayons from Hands On As We Grow.
35 uses for crayons from Hands On As We Grow

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Ticia said...

I loved Bernard Most's books and read some of them so much when the kids were little. They're just fun and silly.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

These are such great activity ideas to go along with fun books! I love the play dough pumpkin!

PinkOddy said...

Reading is so important - I have included this in my Kids Co-op post.