Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My daughter loves Lego and balloons. What happens when she combined Lego and balloons? Lego balloon adventures!
Lego Balloon Adventures from Planet Smarty Pants
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An Unexpected Discovery

Do you love surprises and unexpected acts of kindness? On Saturday after 4th of July we went outside to discover a big bunch of balloons on our porch. We had a street party on 4th of July, and someone must have dropped them off as a surprise for our Smarty. She was delighted since she loves balloons, especially helium-filled balloons, and she never had more than one to play with.

Lifting Power Experiments

We did some experiments with lifting power before, but they were even more fun with more balloons. First of all, we tried to lift off a small basket, but it was too heavy:
Then we dropped our scale and repurposed a Lego basketball hoop from Smarty’s Lego Friends set to serve as a balloon basket (we taped a 2x2 plate) under it. Soon our Lego Friends character could go on her first balloon flight.
Lego Balloonist
Smarty discovered that Lego Friends doll is significantly lighter than standard Lego mini figures. It took only two balloons for it to fly, but Luke Skywalker was parachuting to the floor in the same basket.
Lego Liftoff
We had to brainstorm together on how to keep the balloon basket straight. My 7 year old observed that all strings should be of about the same length for the basket to be straight. Eventually we were able to send Luke and Hans Solo on the flying expedition of their own. It was rather cool since air currents from an air conditioner were moving balloons around the room.
Luke and Han Solo in a Lego Balloon

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Your Turn

How do you combine Lego and other toys for play or learning?


Ticia said...

Now I want to get some helium balloons...... The mylar ones do really well at keeping their air, so that helps a lot for all the fun activities to do with them.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What a fun surprise! My kids would adore this!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

My youngest would LOVE that!

min said...

I saw that activity in one of the Peep Chirp and Quack videos. It's great that you found the perfect opportunity for the balloons! Nice neighbors too!

Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

I love that someone left balloons outside for Smarty - what a nice thing to do! And I love how she put them to good use! :)