Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Math and Science Ideas from After School Link Up

Last Week on Planet Smarty Pants

We didn’t do a lot of structured activities last week trying to take advantage of our great weather instead. But here is a preview of one summer science and engineering activity that we managed to do – protect the egg. I will be sharing it tomorrow in TinkerLab April Challenge.

Featured Posts from Last Week

This week I am featuring spring math and science ideas from the last week:
1. There’s Just One Mommy shares a simple way to use egg carton for math facts – an activity that can be adopted for various skill levels.
Egg Carton Math from There's Just One Mommy
2. Lemon Lime Adventures has terrific science posts where she consistently teaches her kids to apply science methods while experimenting and having fun. Here is her take on a classic Peeps science (aka Peeps in a microwave).
Peeps-Science-Experiments from Lemon Lime Adventures
3. Sudoku is a fun logic game, and Gift of Curiosity shares free Sudoku printable with Easter shapes that allows introducing Sudoku to the younger children who don’t quite “get” number-based Sudoku yet.
4. Science Sparks put together a great round up of science activities for spring. I am especially intrigued by this wormery project.
20 Spring Science Activities from Science Sparks
5. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about hands-on logic problems for young children and how I set up a classic logic problem with Easter eggs.
Hands On Logic Problems from Planet Smarty Pants
6. Finally, The Educators’ Spin On It offers to experience the birth of new life by hatching chicks in the classroom or at home. I remember doing it once in my childhood and how thrilled I was watching chicks to hatch. I wish our school hatched chicks as well!
Tips for Raising Chicks in a Class or at Home from the Educators' Spin On It


Ticia said...

Someday I want to try the protect the egg experiment with my kids again. We tried it in a Lego car, but not in other ways....

Dayna Abraham said...

Thank you so much for featuring egg science. Love this list. And it looks like we will both be posting egg drop tomorrow.. I already see differences

OneMommy said...

Thanks so much for featuring our egg carton math activity!

We have been having fun with all kinds of egg carton learning lately!

Science Sparks said...

Thanks for featuring Science Sparks.