Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Peruvian Recipe - Lomo Saltado

Selecting a Dish From Peru

The country prompt for our Around the World in 12 Dishes project was Peru. I was intrigued because I knew very little about Peruvian cuisine. As usual, some research was in order, and I discovered many amazing dishes that I didn’t know existed. I can see us trying several recipes from Peru in the future, but my daughter was begging for “steak” for days (she loves meat), so I decided to make Lomo Saltado. It had everything that my daughter loves – fried potatoes, steak meat, and rice.

Making Lomo Saltado

Children in the Kitchen: Cutting Meat

I followed Lomo Saltado recipe from All Recipes site, because reviews there are usually very helpful. Like reviewers suggested, I made my own fries and used red onions instead of regular onions . Smarty was helping me with peeling and cutting potatoes, and this time I trusted her to cut meat as well (I still needed to cut it later, because her slices ended up too thick). One mistake that I made was using a yellow hot pepper, because I was shopping in a local Mediterranean grocery, and they didn’t have an amarillo pepper recommended in the recipe. As a result, the vegetable mixture was a little too spicy, and pepper overpowered other flavors. However, I could easily separate a portion of just steak and potatoes for Smarty before making vegetables (she doesn’t like tomato-based veggie mixes).

How Did the Dish Turn Out?

Lomo Saltado

I was skeptical about mixing potatoes and rice in one dish, but I was wrong. Lomo Saltado was delicious despite using the wrong kind of pepper. Even leftovers were eaten promptly, which doesn’t happen often in our house. Even though this dish looks like it’s a lot of work, it’s relatively simple, and the result is certainly worth it. Another keeper from our culinary travels around the world!

A Book About Peru

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Patterns in Peru

We try to combine our culinary travels with books about the country we are traveling to. Patterns in Peru by Cindy Neuschwander worked out perfectly, since it provided a great literature connection to several subjects – geography, history, and math. It was even more timely, since Cindy Neuschwander was one of the guest authors during Smarty school’s annual Authors’ Week this week. You have to suspend a disbelief when reading the story itself – two American kids are discovering a perfectly manicured lost city in the middle of a jungle by following patterns on an ancient tunic. Despite this very unlikely setup, my daughter really enjoyed the story and expressed hope that she will find something valuable on her own upcoming trip to a foreign country (to Germany).

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This dish sounds well worth trying!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

You're certainly getting to try a wide variety of new dishes!

Ticia said...

I would love to figure out why the linkie never works right on my blog...

The rice and potatoes thing must be Peruvian, it just feels odd to me.

Kelly said...

This looks and sounds delicious. I'm impressed with her knife skills.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Joyful Learner said...

We will have to try this! Looks delish!

We have a similar dish in Korea where small bits of potato cubes are added to make fried omelette rice. It works!

hey said...

Wow, love tasting food from around the world. The fries and rice are interesting. I'm ready to try it!

Christy Killoran said...

I have been meaning to do a cultural night a month for so long, and it hasn't happened yet. So fun!

Reagan loves meat too! Steak is her favorite food.

Carrie said...

That looks delicious!! We may have to try that one. I didn't find that Peru book either. It looks cute. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!