Friday, December 27, 2013

Mass Producing Homemade Valentines

Art for “Non-Artsy” Kids

Shaving Cream Paint
There are kids who love to do art. Smarty is not one of them, at least not at home where she’d very much rather read or play games. Over years I learned through experimentation that she is more interested in crafts which have practical purpose and are 3-dimensional. So when we needed to make Valentines for 25 kids in her kindergarten class I decided to combine science and art and make Valentines with shaving cream paint.

What Do You Need

Shaving Cream Valentines
  • One can of cheap shaving cream.
  • A few squirts of paint. We used acrylic paint – red for girls and yellow/blue combination for boys with an additional wow factor of mixing it into green.
  • Paper – we used both regularly shaped thick posterboard and thick paper heart cutouts
  • Optional: a grip to hold paper in paint (good workout for those emerging fine motor skills!)
  • Optional: A scraper to scrape shaving paint off paper and spread paint more easily
  • A place to dry your mass-produced Valentines
  • A lot of patience and encouragement as your child digs into this project.
Amazingly, after my demonstration my then 5 year old made all 25 Valentines on her own.

Write and Decorate

As my 5 year old was still a reluctant writer, I had only one requirement – each Valentine had to have her name on it (she is lucky and has a short first name). She had all creative tools at her disposal – markers, stamps, stickers, etc. We did card writing over several days, and it was interesting to see how she worked more on cards for her favorite classmates. She received a lot of compliments for her unique Valentines when she gave them out. Sadly, last year we didn’t have time for something involved, and she wrote and decorated store-bought blank Valentine cards. We are still deciding what we will do this time around.

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