Monday, November 4, 2013

How Did The Week Go?

Afterschool for Smarty Pants: Pumpkin Geoboard

It was a busy Halloween week. Smarty’s school was doing district tests in reading and math. I can only imagine how the kids did on math test on Friday after being out on Halloween night and snacking on candy the day before. I think we did everything we wanted to do for October including baking, decorating the house, celebrating Smarty’s birthday, and seeing friends. Of course, there were a lot of pumpkin activities both at home and in school. I loved this pumpkin geoboard idea from Fun-a-Day, so we did our own yesterday to pass the time between coming back from school and going out to trick-or-treat.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I also loved that pumpkin geoboard! I don't think my kids would agree to sticking golf tees in one, though - maybe next year?

Alison P. said...

I am so glad that I clicked on something that linked me to your blog. I just added you to my Google friend connect so that I can see all your posts and come over and visit more often. Thanks for the great link up!!!