Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am very pleased to participate in Sunshine Kids California Blog Hop organized by California Kid Bloggers. Just 15 years ago I came to California for the first time on a business trip, marveled at gas and house prices and swore I will never move here. Never say never again! Our daughter is a Sunshine kid, and we love many things about our incredibly diverse state. It was not difficult for me to pick a topic for this post to share with the rest of you. We have a natural wonder that can be found literally in our own backyards – giant redwood (sequoia sempervirens). And we just need to drive for about 30 minutes to get to a majestic forest of protected giants – Big Basin Redwoods State Park.
It’s really hard to express the size of redwood trees. Over our visits to redwood forests we took hundreds of pictures, but they don’t do justice to what you can really see there. To adults these natural towers represent an awe-inspiring sight. For children it’s a giant playground with so many things that beg to touch, smell and climb on, so many different sounds to listen for.
There is a way to visit redwood forests through a great picture book Redwoods by Jason Chin. The book starts with a boy reading a book about redwoods on a subway train in New York City and his imagination transports him (and a subway exit!) to Northern California coast. There is a lot of interesting science facts about redwoods that work well with beautiful pencil illustrations and will engage older kids wanting a botany lesson. In the end the main character leaves a book to be found by the next child. So now we are leaving this book “virtually” for all of you!

To learn more about redwoods:

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Christy Killoran said...

I have been to California a few times, but I have never been able to see Redwoods! I have to make a point of it! See, to me, it's amazing that you live so close to them! I'll trade you a day in Plymouth with a day checking out the Redwoods!

Joyful Learner said...

I used to think there's no place like New York with all the energy, people, shows, great restaurants, Central Park, etc. But then I moved to California and now I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love Northern Cali for its mild climate, beauty and nature.

Ticia said...

I keep thinking I've been to the Redwoods, but now I'm trying to remember when I actually went, or why.
I do agree they are an awesome sight!

Kelly said...

How beautiful. I visited Muir Woods many years ago and stood in amazement at the size of the trees. I would love to go back.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Jill @ A Mom With A Lesson Plan said...

I haven't been to the Redwood since before kids. We need to plan a trip! Thank you for including a book.

Little Hiccups said...

I love visiting the Redwoods. Such beautiful, majestic trees. My husband and I took our young kids to Avenue of the Giants back in June and we had such a great day. My kids especially loved the drive through trees!
You can see our day in the Redwoods here:

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I think I went to that park when I last lived in CA - one of the few times I went out for fun. So beautiful!

Ann said...

I have never been to California but I know I would love it because I love trees. I really like that book too and great resources! Going to go check out the albino redwood video...