Thursday, March 21, 2013

This year for the first time we focused on Women’s History Month and famous women in history. Smarty met some of them (mostly queens and warriors) listening to The Story of the World. We also read about women who made a difference closer to our own times – politicians, scientists and astronauts.

Thinking about women in history made me realize how far we came in 21st century. Women truly can choose their careers and follow their dreams. I work with many fantastic women who manage to juggle raising children and having important and demanding jobs. I do so myself and enjoy both respect of my colleagues and an unconditional love of my daughter who still thinks I am the best mother in the world even though she only sees me for a couple of hours every day.
Granted, America still has ways to go in comparison to the rest of the developed countries in making lives of working Moms better – like, for example, actually having a decent maternity leave, but still we should celebrate our achievements and hope that our daughters will one day be top politicians, business leaders or community heroes. Seriously, life would be so much better if women ruled the world.


Susan Getty said...

I really like the photo of you and Anna in this post :)
We love reading and talking about women's history here!

Ticia said...

I think much prior to the last 150 years we don't know about many famous scientists in general. Of course now I'm trying to think of any famous women artists. I can think of lots of men ones, but not many women with the exception of Frida Kahlo, who I just don't like her style (to be fair I don't like her husband's either or most artists of that style).

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

The US definitely needs to improve their maternity care. I think the more options available to women - and men - the better!