Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween is a big deal in our house with a school party, a neighborhood party and a neighborhood Halloween trick-or-treat. We have a few Halloween books in our library and make a point to read a few new Halloween books every year. I’ll share two favorites and two new books this time around.
The Scariest Monster
We both thought that The Scariest Monster in the Whole Wide World by Pamela Myers was very funny. Both parents take their daughter’s Halloween costume very seriously and imagine her as a beautiful creature while she wants to be the scariest monster. There is a big disagreement in the family until grandma comes to the rescue. Someone on Amazon said that the book is inappropriate for young readers, because the monster has an ax sticking out of his head – they clearly haven’t been trick-or-treating much lately.
Room on the Broom
We really like Julia Donaldson books because her poetry rhymes so well. I wanted to read Room on the Broom for a while now, and this year we finally got it from the library. It’s a great Halloween story (Smarty was properly spooked looking at one particular page), but it is also a story of friendship and generosity. It’s quite appropriate for 3+ and beautifully illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
There is not much story going on, but 2x2=Boo! by Loreen Leedy combines introduction to multiplication and Halloween into a nice brew. All text is presented as a comic, similar to many other Leedy’s books, and the concepts are easy to grasp. Smarty  keeps pulling this book out from the shelf at odd times throughout the year practicing her multiplication facts and waiting for Halloween. Now the wait is almost over! The book is most appropriate for aspiring mathematicians and children 6+.
Space Case
Space Case by Edward Marshall is my favorite Halloween book. I picked it up at the library book sale a couple of years ago, and I still don’t think Smarty  quite gets the humor of the story where an alien gets mixed up in Halloween and post-Halloween activities. She does enjoy the story line and the pictures by James Marshall. I highly recommend this book for any age, because it can grow with your child.


Christy said...

We have a bunch of Loreen Leedy books on hold at the library right now, but they don't have that one. Her books are fun!

We LOVED Room on the Broom!

Julie said...

2x2=BOO sounds like something both of my kids would like. They both love math! We have so many Halloween books now, though, that I think we'll have to check it out of the library. I just can't justify buying anymore!!

Kim said...

We just read the Space Case Christmas book (yes, Sam is already gearing up for it...) and loved it.

Ticia said...

You know I've sure I've read that Marshall book because the cover is so familiar, but I can't pull the story to mind at all.

I need to haul all of our Halloween books out of the attic.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We loved Space Case at my house. JDaniel keeps selecting it during library visits.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Sounds like we need to read "Space Case"!

Momand Kiddo said...

I've seen Room on a Broom on other blogs, but I've never read it.